Day 1: Blue Ox Music Festival

Whelp, I made it to the Blue Ox Music Festival! The flight from Portland (where the van is) was long but pretty uneventful and I went with my tried-and-trued method of staying up as late as possible the night before, taking a quick nap and then going right back to sleep on the plane. Nothing makes a 2.5 hour, 2000 mile time travel happen like sleeping through the flight! I don’t need any soda or weak airline coffee anyways, thank you very much.

An old friend picked me up from the airport as I was trying to get to the festival the same day as him. J. Lenz has been playing with Pert Near Sandstone forever, and since they are hosts of the Blue Ox Festival it really felt like VIP treatment to get picked up by J. at the Minneapolis airport and get to ride out to the festival grounds with him.

The festival grounds are amazing! This beautiful piece of land is the site of a big Country Jam pop-country music festival that happens every year and you can tell the landlords are familiar with large events. There are plenty of bathrooms, plenty of shady spots to park and all the infrastructure you could hope for to pull off a successful festival.

Pert Near is running through a few sound check tunes as I type this as the festival hasn’t officially started yet. I’m super excited to be here and to see some old friends like the guys in Pert Near, make some new friends and get to play a little music on the side.

If you’re at the festival, don’t forget that I’ll be hosting a mandolin workshop on Saturday morning. More details to follow but it will be at the campground stage here at Blue Ox. Excited to get my festival on!