Hello from Max!

I’m Max, son of George. I got lucky enough to meet Kendal in Denver where I had been living for around 8 years at the time, and she was on the same page as me re: work/life balance. So we bought our van used and started traveling.

This isn’t my first time on the road. I used to travel with a few different bands across the country, mostly playing Americana and folky music. I am a mandolin and bass player, but all I brought with us in the van was a guitar (ok, two), a mandolin and a ukulele. It’s been nice to jam a bit with old friends and new friends as we make our way across North America.

I’m excited to continue adventuring with my beautiful wife and our stinky dog Ralph. I used Ralph as a prop to trick her into dating me in the first place, so we figured he earned his place accompanying us on this trip.

I’ve always been a packrat, just like George, and getting rid of so many of what I thought to be priceless possessions was very difficult for me. However, Kendal helped me realize that possessions don’t matter as long as you surround yourself with the things that really matter and I learned to choose my belongings very selectively.

This trip is all about discovering what “home” means to us. In the past, I’ve called some interesting places home; a 5,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Denver, a 500 square foot living-room-turned-studio near Cheesman Park and, now, a 200 square foot high-top van! Help me define home and I’ll try to help you define love and adventure.