Hello from Kendal!

Hello and Welcome to Finding the Home!

Kendal here - also known as the more hilarious yet sensitive half of Finding the Home. I’m a thirty year old lady who recently moved into a…wait for it…van with my husband (Max) and dog (Ralph) in order to start a year-ish long trip across North America. Yes ladies and gents, you heard that right. I live in a van. A pretty large van as van’s go, but a van none-the-less.

How could I have possibly been convinced to give up my creature comforts of unlimited closet space, hot showers on demand, and the ultimate control of keeping my house organized and clean in favor of about 80 shared square feet you might be asking yourself? Well, if I’m being straight with you my friends, it was actually my idea. Yep, you heard that right. I bamboozled my husband into renting out our house, selling nearly all of our belongings, and starting our adventure and life on the road.

You see, we’ve been living in Colorado for the last decade or so, and while we love our city, friends, and state, we’ve both been wondering what else might be out there for us. Max is a professional musician who’s spent many a year touring full time. I’ve been working for Whole Foods Market for the past ten years and while I adore my co-workers, it’s time for me to start evolving my career towards the things I’m more passionate about. We wanted to take this year “off” from the lives we’ve been living to see what other places speak to us, and to see what other opportunities might be waiting out there for us, both together as a family and as individuals. We’ve been traveling a lot in our first year of marriage, and the wanderlust has hit us HARD.

Despite the nerves associated with starting something new and sharing pieces of ourselves, we’re excited to start this space and take the next step in our amazing/adventure filled/crazy/messy/beautiful lives! We’ve got each other, our pup, and now you! I hope this road brings us together someday.